Micheal Jordan

While this one might not fetch as much as the others on the list, Michael Jordan has always been a name that could bring in the fans. All of his jersey’s are valuable and you will be able to add something really valuable to your collection if you choose to go with this famous basketball star. For this one, it was last sold for $114,000. It is the one that was used during his sophomore year at North Carolina, even though most of his career was showing up in his freshman and junior years. It is a great piece of history for basketball and this college jersey can actually bring in more than some of his professional jersey’s.

Tom Brady—Dallas Cowboys Win
Tom Brady is known as one of the Most Valuable Players in the Super Bowl and has been breaking through all the records that have been held for years. He is best known for having four touchdowns as well and making his team go many yards to help with bringing the New England Patriots their fourth title for Super Bowl.
The jersey in question is the one that Brady decided to wear during the New England Patriot win over the Dallas Cowboys. It last sold for $46,000. This was an exciting game that had the Patriots as the losers for quite a bit of the time and then they were able to come back for the win late in the game.
Robert Allen Griese
This is one of the best in football history, whether you are looking at his college or his professional career. He was picked in the first round during 1967 and was the 4th pick out of the whole country. He also won a lot of different awards and had his Miami Dolphins number retired when he was done playing. He was the 1971 and 1977 most valuable player, an AFL all star, and so much more. Even when he was done playing football he went on to do broadcasting for ESPN and for the Miami Dolphins.
All the jerseys for this man are worth a lot. The throwback jersey is probably the most valuable since people like to have the original that will show his early career. Those from his college career at Purdue are popular as well since he became really well known during this time and made his professional career start at this point.
There are lots of great sports memorabilia that have made their rounds throughout the years. Fans are always enamored with their favorite sports and would love to have these pieces of history to show off to their friends or just for bragging rights. If you are looking for some valuable sports jersey’s and you want to make a big splash with your friends, check out the list above. These vary in prices from millions of dollars to just a few hundred thousand, but you are going to hold a piece of history in your hands.

Hearts of Most Americans

Sports have always held a special place in the hearts of most Americans. They like being able to pick a team and root for who is going to win. They like making friendships with others who are at the games or having parties and watching what will be the best game through the week. From the youngest fan to the oldest, you can find people who like every sport and those who can recall something that went down in sports history.
With all this love of sports, it is no wonder that some of the best points in sports history have also become the most valuable. And one of the most valuable things that sports fans will look for are sports jerseys. These can vary between just a few bucks to those that are hundreds of thousands of dollars based on the professional sport and the historical event tied to the sport jersey. Here are some of the most valuable and most collectable jersey’s that you can purchase.
Babe Ruth’s 1932 Jersey
This jersey is known as the “Called Shot” jersey and is currently valued at $940,000 so you will need to bring a bunch of cash if you’re hoping to bring this jersey home with you. This is the jersey of George Herman Ruth, J. who went by the nickname Babe Ruth. He played for a variety of different teams between 1914-1935 including the New York Yankees, Boston Braves, and Boston Red Sox.
During 1932, Babe Ruth called a play that he would get a home run, allowing his team to win the World Series. He ended up hitting the ball just like he predicted and set history. Now this jersey is worth a pretty penny if you ever get to see it.
Pretty much anything you can find that was Babe Ruth’s name associated with it or he wore is going to be worth a lot of money and this jersey, as well as the next one, help to show this.
Babe Ruth Jersey, 1920s
Babe Ruth is a big name that many people will go after when it comes to memorabilia of any kind. Another jersey of his sold for a lot more than the one above. This one was sold in 2012 for over $4.4 million, setting the record with all sports memorabilia in terms of price. This uniform is from the 1920s and was the jersey that Babe Ruth wore when he played for the New York Yankees. It is believed that this was one of the first jersey’s that he wore when playing baseball.

Paul Henderson’s 1972 Summit Series Jersey
This is another jersey that got a lot of money when it went to auction. This jersey last sold for $1,275,707. This jersey is important because of the hockey series that Canada played with the Soviet Union. The two teams met together in order to play 8 games against each other. At the time, the Soviet Union had been big winners in the game of hockey for a long time and it was not estimated that the underdog Canada team would stand any chance. Henderson ended up scoring the final winning goal in the last game and allowed Canada to win the Summit Series that year.

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Wildly Popular

Football jerseys have always been wildly popular across the United States, there’s no denying that, and when it comes to who has the best jersey, well I guess it all depends on who you support. Your team will generally decide who you think has the best jersey because that’s your favorite team and it’s either where you’re from, where you live, where you went to college, or any other factors as to why a team is your favorite.

But still, some teams jerseys are way cooler than other teams jerseys, and so right now we’re going to talk about which NFL teams have the best jerseys and why some NFL teams jerseys flat out suck. This study is conducted as objectively as possible with no favorites added in whatsoever.

The Miami Dolphins have a pretty cool color scheme with a light aqua marine color and a really cool helmet with a dolphin playing football on it. I think the color in general makes the Dolphins one of the top NFL jerseys.

The Baltimore Ravens have a really nice looking purple jersey with cool lettering and obviously a cool raven on their helmet. Purple is a pretty unique color for a football team so we have to give it up to them as the AFC North jersey champion.

In the AFC South the Tennessee Titans definitely bring home the best jersey with the sky blue and dark blue pants combo, which is really nice looking and goes well with khaki pants for a more formal occasion.

In the AFC West the Broncos have the coolest jersey with their bright orange colors and Peyton Manning written on the back, who has obviously been slumping but is still a legend.

The NFC East is rather difficult especially because no one wants to wear a Redskins jersey anymore because of the racism card liability, but I’d have to say the Giants have the best color. A nice royal blue can go with anything and wearing a New York jersey is accepted all across the country, except in Boston.

In the NFC North the champion for best jersey goes to the Green Bay Packers. It’s such a classic jersey, but that green on yellow just makes me think of stinky cheese, and who doesn’t love great cheese!

In the NFC South the champion for best jersey goes to the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers probably have the very best jersey in all of the NFL with black on teal combos really bringing out some contrasting colors that look super cool and better than anyone else in the league. Also wearing a Cam Newton jersey is by far the coolest jersey in the league.
In the NFC West the champion for best jersey goes to the Seattle Seahawks, but there’s a twist. The best Seattle jersey is from the 90s when they wore bright green kind of like the old school Eagles jerseys, but who cares all these jerseys are cool as long as they’re your team and you’re rocking hard with a beer belly and a footlong hotdog at the game. GO FOOTBALL!

NFL Super Bowl

Football jerseys have always been a really fun and goofy part of American fashion throughout the 20th and now 21st centuries while the game has blown up into the biggest sport in the country. Now with the Super Bowl and the emergence of the NFL, it’s safe to say that a football jersey might actually be the most popular fashion item in all of the country. Just about everyone owns a football jersey, at least more people than those who own baseball jerseys, and it’s just a cool thought that these jerseys are really special to a lot of people, especially little kids, and can sometimes even make a difference in people’s lives.

I’d like to share a story from my childhood that involves a football jersey that was really special to me at the time, and it’s just a funny story about a football jerseys in general.

When I was really young I was a huge Denver Broncos fan, and I just loved John Elway and Terrell Davis and the 1998 Broncos as they marched their way to their second Super Bowl Championship in a row. I was all about the Denver Broncos and all I wanted for Christmas in 1998 was a Terrell Davis jersey. I told my parents that and they went around frantically trying to find a Broncos jersey in North Carolina where we lived. Of course this was a lot harder than they thought and it was before Amazon and all the internet merchandise businesses, so this was kind of difficult to figure out for them. What they did was get their friends in Denver to help them out and mail us a Terrell Davis jersey in the mail, but it didn’t come in time for Christmas morning.

Instead I got a letter from Santa Claus that explained that there was a back order in his gift shop and that I had to wait just a little longer, but he didn’t forget about me and my wish to have a jersey. I was just a little kid and still believed in Santa, and to me this was a magical moment. A couple days later the jersey arrived and I wore it every day for a week and almost a month after the Broncos won the Super Bowl.

Football jerseys are sometimes more than just a jersey for people. Sometimes it’s people’s favorite thing to wear because it makes you feel different than any other type of clothing. You can be a football star when you’re wearing a football jersey and it can be really special to little kids who look up to some of these athletes as their heroes.

No matter what though, football jerseys are always going to be cool and never go out of style. As long as football is cool, which seems like it will be for forever, little kids will be running around pretending to be their favorite players for a long, long time, and it will be a good thing for a lot of kids all across America.

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College Football

The NFL and the College Football conferences across America have become staples in all of our culture and by far is the most lucrative sport there has ever been in the United States. By far football generates the most ticket sales than any other sport, and by far people buy more football jerseys than any other type of jersey in the United States. In Europe and other places in the world this wouldn’t be the case, but here in the good old US of A football is king, and so are the jerseys.

You would think that young boys and men primarily buy football jerseys, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact more and more women are buying football jerseys and they’re actually pulling it off way better than men do. When men wear a football jersey it sometimes looks pretty lame, but when women have a football jersey on and it’s a little tight and the sleeves might be rolled up a little bit it actually can be really attractive.

So yes, women love football just as much as men love football, if not even more, in some strange cases. And although there might be a lot of standing around in spandex during a football game, women seem to stay entertained all the time and it’s a great thing for guys who want to drag their girlfriends to games with them.

Everyone who has watched football has heard some ladies yell out HIT HIM repeatedly throughout a game, and I’ve always found that kind of funny, but back to the jerseys. So women are definitely wearing football jerseys all the time, at least on the weekends, but which football jerseys do women like? Which football players in particular do women like the most? This might put into account the most attractive football players but let’s check out who women are wearing.

It’s not too surprising that Aaron Rodgers is the most popular selling jersey among ladies in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and it’s pretty obvious that Tom Brady’s jersey is wildly popular amongst women who live in the states of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and surprisingly Wyoming out of nowhere. Drew Brees is also popular in a few typical states like Louisiana and Mississippi, but he’s also really popular in Vermont, which is really strange.

But the one player who sells the most women jerseys all across the United States is surprisingly Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts. Now, this information is from 2014 when Andrew Luck was wildly popular among everyone. Now that he has slumped off in 2015 this number might be different, but none the less the ladies love Luck and there’s got to be something to his game, or lack of marriage partner, that has the ladies loving having his name on their backs. It’s a cool word of course, but who knows exactly why Andrew Luck sells the most ladies jersey, it’s just the luck of the draw I guess, hypothetically speaking of course.

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Everyone loves football

Everyone loves football in the United States, there’s no denying it. It’s become the biggest commercial of all-time in that everyone who’s anyone watches the games on TV if they aren’t at the game watching it live where they too are bombarded by advertisements. There is a lot of money to be made for a lot of huge corporations when it comes to football, and the NFL knows that, and that’s why one of the biggest ways that big NFL franchises make money is through their ticket sales and their jersey sales. By owning the rights to the jersey, all of these franchises really bank in when millions of people pay $40 for a t shirt or jersey that they can wear to rep their team.

It’s great for everyone, because everyone loves wearing a football jersey. They’re comfortable, look cool and they have your favorite player’s name on the back. For a little kid that might be the coolest thing in the world, to pretend for a moment that you’re one of the best players in the entire NFL, but for a grown man who’s middle aged and balding and overweight, it might seem a little strange.

It’s weird sometimes seeing grown men wearing their favorite player’s jersey out and about, sometimes not even at the game but a sports bar or just in the streets during their regular lives. It’s not necessarily the most fashionable thing to wear on any other day besides Sunday, but when you do see a grown man wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey with a big cheesehead on top of his head you have to wonder if this guy is just shameless, or does he actually have a crush on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?

It’s funny because football is known to be the most masculine of sports where it’s not cool to be gay at all, even though a lot of players in the NFL are coming out as gay in recent years. But when you see these macho guys high fiving and drinking beer watching the game at a sports bar or at the game live and they’re all wearing the names of another man on their backs, you might want to second guess how masculine everything really is.

I’m not saying that it’s gay to wear a football jersey, that’s absolutely ridiculous. People can choose to wear whatever the hell they want, that’s the beauty of America, and football jerseys are a big part of our American freedom. But everyone knows that guy who knows everything upon everything that there is to know about football and certain football players, even things that have nothing to do with football.

Now this would be cute coming from a little kid who looks up to the football player as a hero, but from a grown ass man it’s just really strange. It kind of brings a whole new meaning to Fantasy Football, if you catch my drift. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Please tell me you guys saw this epic play last year for the superbowl! GO PATRIOTS!!



The Infamous Jerseys

Football Jerseys


Football is as American is apple pie, it’s the number one sport in all of the United States by far, and every Saturday and Sunday in the fall you know what the majority of people in the country are doing, and it’s revolving around the game. It’s crazy how much football has become a part of American culture, and there’s no denying the fact that it has become a staple within the confines of what Americans do. Some people even say that the NFL owns a day of the week, which just so happens to the be the day of the week that is supposed to be reserved for God in the Christian faith, Sunday, but regardless of faith or anything like that football is king when it comes to American sports, and there is one part of the football that has made a huge splash economically and fashionably on American culture: the football jersey.


You see them everywhere you go and they’re all in so many different shades and colors and they really are a full spectrum of colors. It’s been a part of the culture of football for decades for fans to wear the jerseys, and if you really think about what a football jersey entails it is a little bit comical. They are very different from other sports, especially the pants, which are typically made of tight spandex so that it’s harder to grab onto. They also are made very differently for the players than for the fans in that the players jerseys have huge shoulders so that their pads can fit snuggly. Of course you always have the cool numbers and names on the backs, but whenever a professional football player takes the field in his jersey he’s sure to create a lot of attention for himself, although the sexy cheerleaders might draw some of that attention away in their uniforms.


But nonetheless, the football jersey is a staple in American fashion and it always will be. Fans from everywhere all around the country wear their team’s jersey to support where they’re from and who they support and who their favorite players are. Sometimes there is a stigma of a good luck charm associated with jerseys for fans, and it can be a ritual to put on a jersey every game day for other fans just so they can be ready to go for the big game.


It doesn’t really matter who you support or where you’re from, or even if you like football, because football jerseys are awesome shirts, but the pants would be kind of weird if a regular fan wore them around town. But the shirts are super cool and they can mean a lot to people and be more important than anything else in a person’s closet. It’s the magic of the game that can be found through a fan’s jersey, and it’s just all gravy when the player scores a touchdown and you’re wearing their jersey at the game on Sunday afternoon.

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